I’ve never been one who is good at saying goodbyes! And attending seminary didn’t help that at all, the community was always changing around me. I am thankful for a dear friend who shared Joyce Rupp’s book “Praying our Goodbyes!” It helped me look at goodbyes in a different light.

Now I’m not saying goodbyes are easy cuz they are not at all! I honestly have a hard time saying goodbye at all! I’ve been thinking more and more about this as I get ready to experience another goodbye in my life.

It is so hard to capture in words. I’m excited about this new adventure but it is so hard to say goodbye. I keep finding myself clinging to the word bittersweet; this is all so very bittersweet!

Yet I know in my heart of hearts that this is truly where the Holy Spirit is leading. I just wish saying goodbye wasn’t so hard and that saying goodbye didn’t involve me investing in Kleenex stock.

So as I prepare to say goodbye, I’m finding myself praying every moment; praying every step of this goodbye!

Winds of North Dakota

Growing up on the plains of North Dakota, I have always appreciated the wind. There is just something so incredibly holy about being on the wideopen prairies of No Dak with the wind in your face. It reminds me of a childrens book I found one time that talked about the winds of ND! It read “If you have never felt the wind on your face in the midst of a winter storm, If you have never been on the wide open fields with the wind blowing in the breeze…then you are not from North Dakota.”

I love the wind because it reminds me that I am not the one in control…God is! The wind is a crazy thing….and reminds me of the wind of the Holy Spirit. I have been reflecting on the wind lately as Pentecost is almost here. I felt that wind of the Holy Spirit when I went to work at SuperAwesomeBibleCamp. I felt that wind also when I stepped onto the campus of Wartburg Seminary. I felt that wind when I took my first call. I absolutely felt that wind when I came to my current call. I am so thankful for the homes that make up this wonderful community of faith. They have blessed me in so many ways and I know they will continue to bless me!

Not sure where this post is going…just have been feeling a little restless lately…and wondering what that means.

The Holy Spirit is Alive and Working Indeed!

The Holy Spirit is alive and working indeed!

The Holy Spirit is alive and working through new friends I have met on Twitter this week as I have watched the ELCA CWA online.

The Holy Spirit is alive and working especially through prayer this day!

Earlier today, I found myself with a prayer request. Immediately I went to my Twitter feed and tweeted my tweeps to ask them to pray. The crazy thing is a week ago I never would have asked for it via Twitter because I barely used my Twitter account. However this week I have grown to love Twitter. Shortly after I tweeted, I had people replying saying they were praying! WOW!!! People across the US were praying because of my simple prayer request. I also texted a friend who is also there at the CWA and asked for her prayers. She texted back that she would pray too! As I watched and participated with them in worship, I truly could feel their prayers ascending!

The Holy Spirit is INDEED alive and working!

A Holy Spirit Moment

Wow! Talk about a Holy Spirit moment! This morning I led worship and preached. The text I preached on was from Matthew where Jesus says, “Come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest.” As I began preaching, I looked out into the congregation and right in front of me was a man who is battling cancer. He is home for a short while and they came to church. He was there with his family. Wow; talk about holding back the tears. I continued to preach and found myself smiling back at this man and his family. After the service, his mom came up to me and gave me a hug. She thanked me for my beautiful sermon. Tears were streaming down her face and tears were streaming down my face! Here I wasnt sure about this sermon at ALL but it was exactly what so many needed to here. Thank you Holy Spirit!

The Holy Spirit Breathed Life Back Into Me!!!

I looked around the round and what did I see? The room wasnt just full of grey-haired individuals but rather people of all different age groups. The room was filled with a vibrancy and vitality that I hadnt felt in awhile. Bishop Hanson was so grace-filled in his comments and answers to the questions posed to him tonight at a town hall meeting. I could say more but its late and I need some sleep. I still highly respect this man and as I listened I was enlivened to carry out Christ’s mission. Some days life seems crazy, difficult etc especially after the CWA actions of 09 but tonight I am filled once again with hope for a future that will bring so much and bless so many. The Holy Spirit through Bishop Mark’s words breathed life back into me again!!!