Im sitting here enjoying a cup of caramel hot chocolate and watching “Dancing with the Stars.” What a beautiful fall day it was today! Life around Moorhead is a little crazy and surreal these days. The Extreme Makeover:Home Edition team is in town building a home for a family. I drove by it a couple times today crazy. They moved the old house to give to another family in the F-M Community. Tonight when I drove by the build home, the cranes were going and I saw a sea of blue EM:HE tshirts! So surreal! I volunteered to help out on Thursday but apparently they are turning volunteers away because they have way toooo many volunteers! WOW! Ty Pennington said he was impressed with the number of volunteers who showed up. Im hoping to get to spectate a little sometime this week. In other news, I’m super excited to find that my local library has a writer’s group. Im going to check it out soon! Next weekend Ill be headed to the Chicago area for our Diaconal Ministry gathering. So looking forward to seeing my DM friends! Enjoy your week!