Making a Difference

August 1st, 2007—5 years ago today—my journey at the church I am currently serving began as the Director of Home and Family Ministry. It’s hard to believe that five years has already passed. I have been so blessed by the people of this community of faith. As I look back over the last five years, I am reminded of the relationships I have cultivated and continue to grow here. I hope that I have been a blessing to these relationships in the same ways they have been a blessing to me. I also am reminded of the strides we have made; adding more Milestones, equipping homes to take faith home, and in so many other ways. I pray that I will continue to cultivate and make a difference here.

As many of you know, I recently returned from the ELCA National Youth Gathering with 6 youth and another adult from DLC. The youth as well as the adults were blessed in so many and various ways. I’ve been listening a lot to Rachel Kurt’s song “Make a Difference” (which just happens to be the Gathering theme song). It is catchy but Rachel’s words really hit home. Have I made a difference…here at DLC, at home, in my relationships? Will I continue to make a difference? How will YOU make a difference?
I hope that every day every single one of us can make a difference in the world. What a different world it will be for our children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews etc!

My prayer is that we all may make a difference today and every day…in little or big ways!!!