Ash Wednesday

So I’m in a somber mood today….and I know why…it’s Ash Wednesday. I have always appreciated Ash Wednesday because it truly reminds me of what the journey to the cross is all about. I never felt it more than I did last January after the devestating earthquake in Haiti. In fact, I remember tears trickling down my face as I imposed the ashes on congregation members foreheads. As I looked into each of their faces, I was reminded of each of our mortality. The truth is that death will come but that God promises that he will never leave us or forsake us. God sent God’s Son to die for each of our sins. What a powerful gift that is! Today I find myself thinking about all those that have already died in my life; both my maternal grandparents, my best friend from high school, my friend Renee’s husband Ben, my cousin’s precious children and even recently a dear pastor of our synod who died unexpectedly. As I reflect on each of their deaths and once again am faced with mortality, I cant help but think of the gift that Lent is to us. WE NEED LENT! I think Dr. David Lose captures it best in his article. You can find it here The Trouble (and Blessing) of Lent. Lent isn’t meant to be all sunshine and roses. But rather is meant to remind us of the journey to the cross and what Christ died for us when he died on the cross! So may you remember these words,”Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes, From dust you came, From Dust you shall return”