Be Still….

Be Still……..and know that I am God!

Be Still…….and know that I am God!

Be Still…..and know that I am God!

I just returned from our NWMN Jr. High Youth Gathering. It was phenomenal. The speakers Trey Everett and Dan Wolpert from Micah (MN Institute of Contemplation and Healing) were the keynote speakers. The theme for this year was “Be” and our theme verse was from Romans 12 “Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds.” It was so great. They talked about how we are so busy…busy going to sports practice or music or whatever and we dont take the time to just “be”; be who God created us to be! They taught us prayer practices. It was pretty unbelievable to see 350 Jr. High kids sitting quietly, not a movement in site. We need to be more like that and to become more aware of God in our lives. What I realized is that the adult leaders needed this as much as the kids! We are connected all the time…whether it be by cell phone, or tv, or Facebook or whatever. I find myself repeating these words “Be Still and know that I am God!” Dan and Trey taught us to “Be Present” and to “Be Aware” of God! So cool! Hopefully we all learned from this experience and will continue to listen for God’s voice!

Be Still…..and Know that I am God!