Prayers Rise Up Like Incense

“Prayers rise up like incense…..”

Asking you to send prayers up on behalf of my cousin, her husband, and their baby Jack. Jack is 4 months old. If you’ve been a follower of my blog for awhile now, you know that my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl over two years ago. When her little girl Maia was born, Maia had issues with her heart and lungs. She was airflighted to Arkansas Childrens Hospital where she was cared for for the entirity of her life. My cousin finally got to hold her daughter when she was two months old. In fact, she just remembered that day on Thursday of this past week. Maia only lived to December of that year (two years ago). Then my cousin got pregnant and gave birth to Jack in May of this year. He had a few minor issues but they were able to take him home and he has been with them ever since. He was doing so well! In fact, on Friday, he looked perfect. Then yesterday he started sweating profusely, breathing heavily, etc. LeAnn took him to a clinic but they told her to take him to the ER so she did. They stayed at the hospital last night. Then this am, she flew with Jack to ACH. They weren’t really sure what was going on. As of a brief note this afternoon, it turns out that Jack has been diagnosed with the same condition as his sister Maia. I know there is a reason for all of this but I do find myself asking, “Why them again Lord?” It is extremely difficult for my cousin to be at ACH after losing Maia there two years ago. So please pray for the doctors, my cousin, her husband, baby Jack and the rest of their family. Jack is very much loved! Thank you!

“Prayers rise up like incense….”