God’s Grace

“God’s grace is sufficient for us all”

These words are ringing in my ears as I reflect on the importance of this holy meal. Communion has always been important to me. It reminds me again and again of who this Jesus is and that God’s grace is sufficient for us all. It is not the bread or wine itself that makes this meal special. Tonight during a first communion milestone class a parent wanted to know how their child is special because he know can take communion and how is he different because he takes communion and his siblings dont yet.Im really struggling with this because it isnt the child/participant that becomes special. Just because we take communion doesn’t mean we get magical powers like Harry Potter. In fact in Luther’s Small Catechism, it says, “Eating and drinking do not do it, but rather the words that are recorded “given for you” and “shed for you for the forgiveness of sins.” So my dear readers and friends, I am asking for your responses to these questions; why is communion important to you? What makes communion special to YOU?

“God’s grace is suffient for us all”