Treasuring Time

Sometimes it seems like we all are so busy with the busyness of our lives, that we forget how important it is to spend time with our loved ones; to just be still and know that God is there. Yesterday after a morning meeting, I left Fargo around noon and headed for my mom’s place. Since I left the meeting early, I was put on speaker and put my cell on speaker and was able to be a part of the conversation. I arrived at my mom’s place around 4:30 pm. I picked her up but not before I opened my Christmas gift. That was the first thing she handed me! It wasnt anything fancy; a wicker basket with shampoo, body wash, conditioner, etc. I know its the thought that counts because she cant afford much but I love the basket. I think its going to become my fruit basket! We went and had supper at a local restaurant. Mom had a shrimp basket and I had their special; shrimp stir-fry with two egg rolls (pork or veggie). I chose veggie and they were the two largest egg rolls ever! Then Mom and I went back to her nursing home, we just hung out in their den and watched tv after she opened her Christmas gifts. (We were supposed to go over Christmas break to see her but the weather got yucky; really really yucky!) We also even went on the computer and because I had taken video of my apartment, I was able to show that to mom and she was able to see my apartment! (Thanks for the request S!) Mom went to bed around nine pm so I read on my Kindle and then went to bed around 10:30 pm or so. I slept in an extra room at the nursing home. Around 7:30 am, my mom came into the room to see if I was up but I was still laying there and not really awake. I still heard her come in. After her breakfast, she came in and checked again. I was awake so I got up and got dressed. Then about 9am, mom wanted to go downtown so we went to the grocery store and the drug store. Mom had to buy her ever favorite Spice Drops! We got back around 10 am and Mom told me that she would let me go. I think she was worried about the weather coming in later today. You know we didnt do anything fancy but it was good to spend time with her. I treasure that time and I know that she treasures that time as well!