Spreading the Love

I forgot how much fun it is to put care packages together! I am one of those people who has always tried so hard to keep in contact with my friends, family etc! I like to send cards. I always check FB in the morning; to see who’s birthday it is and then I make sure to write on my friends and families FB wall to let them know I am thinking about them. I pretty much will drop anything to spend time with a friend. These relationships are super important to me so I want to keep those relationships strong and healthy; full of love, grace, mercy and forgiveness.

I really did forget how much fun it is to put care packages together! I know that one of the receipents reads my blog but she already knows what she’s getting so I’m not spoiling the fun. Her husband and her are in Japan and they miss Halloween Oreos so yes, my dear friend, expect a package soon! (And there might be a few other things in that box too….you’ll just have to wait until it arrives!)

The second care package is for a friend that I met this summer. We were introduced through a mutual friend who just thought we would hit it off and we did! This friend and her husband are expecting their first child in early 2013. I don’t think she reads my blog so I think I’m safe telling you. Boy was that a fun package to put together…a little maternity care package (with a few things for the future baby!)

I wish I could be there or have a camera when these friends open their packages. I hope that my little gift brightens their day! Perhaps one of you soon will get a care package from me too…….