A Bold Woman?

So earlier today, a friend asked if she could use a pic of me in a collage of bold woman, I told her yes. The crazy thing is I guess I’ve never considered myself as a bold woman. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, bold is defined as “fearless before danger”; “showing or requiring a fearless daring spirit”, or “standing out prominently.” When I look at these definitions, I still don’t see myself as a bold woman. I think of my cousin who is an amazing mother to Jack and Maia who both are now in heaven. She still amazes me to this day. I think of those who struggle with cancer yet still find the blessings in the midst of it. I think of my own mother, sister and others who daily struggle with mental illness. They all exude people who are bold in my eyes. Its pretty amazing that this friend thinks Im a bold woman! I just never would have put myself in that category. I wonder what makes ME a BOLD WOMAN?!?!