The Head and the Heart; Part Two

The last several days in this neck of the woods has been extremely foggy. At times, you couldn’t even see a mile down the road. Well that is how I feel in the midst of my previous post; trying to find my way through the fog (trying to listen to both my head and my heart!) I wish it would just suddenly become clear but I know that I must trust in the one who has claimed me as his child through the precious holy waters of Baptism! I’m also trying to heed the advice of those who have commented and/or emailed me about that last post. “Lean not on your own understanding.” That is so true….but so much easier said than done. A dear friend who is blogging and has begin an adoption journey with her family reminded me that I am a beautiful person and that God has something wonderful in store for me. I know that but sometimes forget that so it is good to have dear people who remind me of who I am; “fearfully and wonderfully made” in God’s image. In her last post, she commented on how she feels the Spirit moving; moving MORE than she has ever felt. I’m not sure what that means for me but it is definetely something I must trust in and follow. Myself and many others have been praying for a dear friend; placing her before God as she battles cancer. I’m not battling a serious illness but I love that image. So for now I am imagining all of you; my faithful readers, placing me before God in prayer as well as I figure out what God has in store for me and where God is leading. I’m sure that one day this fog of my heart and mind will lift and my journey will begin…whatever that journey is!