Expiration Dates, Photo Books, Yummy Pastries and Two Mini American Flags

When it comes to expiration dates on food in my fridge, I am a little obsessive. I tend not to keep things beyond their expiration date even if it is safe to keep them. But when it comes to memories, I am a keeper. I love making photo books especially ShutterFly photo books. Memories are dear to me.

Last week I experienced so many wonderful memories. I got to snuggle baby Lucy for the first time. I seriously could not get enough of her baby snuggles. Baby Lucy and her mom are two important people in my life and their friendship is something I treasure and  dearly want to keep in my life along with many other friends.

Lucy, her mom, and many other friends and I also found the cutest little pastry shop. The desserts were so scrumptious. I indulged in a piece of mini carrot cake, a lemon poppyseed muffin and my favorite; the most amazing German Chocolate Torte. I ended up having to leave a few items behind at the hotel but there was no way I could keep them all the way home.

And on the last day, a friend and I were in the food court of the Renaissance center when I walked around the corner to peak at one of the restaurants menus. An African American man was sitting at a booth and noticed my Nebraska Cornhusker tshirt. He called me over to his table. He asked what I knew about Nebraska and I told him I was there for a youth conference. He proceeded to dig in his pocket and gave me not one, but two mini American flags. He told me that he was a Vietnam vet. He gave me the flags and asked me to give him a donation. I told him that I didnt have any cash on me and told him that I would have to come back. I handed the flags over to him but he told me to keep them anyways. Later I came back and he was already gone. I am planning on going online to give to the veterans association for this stranger I met.

Sadly I was not able to keep the flags because they were made out of toothpicks and I knew that they would not make it through airport security. But that memory is engrained in my mind along with many other wonderful memories!