Aging with Grace

The wrinkles on her face tell the story of being a hard-working farm wife. The slower steps tell the story of a farmer who has spent his whole life working hard and is now experiencing the affects of hard work in his life. Their hair is filtered with white and grey that tells the story of their age. These two dear souls are my grandma and grandpa.

I spent some time with them and my aunt a few weeks ago. They were visiting and attending a big annual event here in town. Grandma walked around with a cane while Grandpa sat in a wheelchair. As we took time enjoying the music and visiting the vendors, it reminded me of how important grace is in our lives especially as we age. It is important for us to age gracefully or rather to age with grace.

I was rather disappointed as my aunt, grandparents, and I were walking around the venue. Some people were not very gracious of wheelchairs. They saw us as a hindrance and did not offer grace to us which made my aunt and I very frustrated and sad. Despite some people not offering us grace, there were some who very readily gave God’s grace to us. They would help move chairs out of the way. They would ask others to move out of the way so we could pass by them.

Throughout my life, my grandparents have taught me what grace looks like. Last week, my other aunt posted a picture of my Grandpa and their new puppy. That picture brings me so much joy because it embodies so much of my Grandpa’s personality. But also as I look at that picture, I see God’s grace as it has covered my family throughout their lives. God gave grace to our family as we planted and harvested our fields. God gave grace (and continues to give grace) to my grandparents throughout their 60 plus years of marriage.

As I age, I want to age gracefully or rather age with grace too. I want the lines under my eyes to show the imprint of the tears I have cried. I want the wrinkles to remind me of the life I have lived. And as the white and grey hairs appear on my head, I don’t even want to care. I simply want to show God’s grace as we each age gracefully trusting that we are always “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Like my grandparents, I want to age with grace too!