ABCs of Me

to my friend Sarah from>Every Day Holy
tagging me in the ABC’s of Me, a popular blogging Q&A that’s going around
right now.

A. Attached or single? Very single….still waiting for God to bring my Mr. Right into my life

B. Best Friend? I am blessed to have a few…my friend Joni, my friend Jenny, and a few others!

C. Cake or Pie? I can eat both but I would choose cake first!

D. Day of the Week? Friday – It’s my day off of work!!

E. Essential
Camera – I LOVE taking pictures. (Im with my friend Sarah on this one!)

F. Favorite Color? Green (Just ask any of my friends who have ever gone shopping with me. I always gravitate to green!)

G. Gummy Bears or Gummy

H. Hometown? Ashley, North Dakota!

I. Favorite Indulgence? Ice Cream – any and
all. I also have been a frozen yogurt kick lately too!

J. January or July? Both!

No kids but I dream of having children one day

L. Life isn’t complete without? My family and friends

Marriage Date?
Still single…so no wedding date

N. Number of brothers/sisters. 1 sister who is three years younger than me

O. Oranges or

P. Phobias? Bats!

Favorite quote?
“The place God calls you to be is the place where the world’s deep hunger and your deep gladness meet.”—Frederick Buechner

R. Reason to smile? Being with friends and family, warm summer days, babys, laughter, my Diaconal ministry brothers and sisters, fresh garden produce, and so much more!

S. Season of Choice? Christmas and Lent

T. Tag 3

              1.>Mark at Every Day an Adventure
              2.>Julia at Juls of Life,Spirit, and Sparkle
              3.>Leah at Desert Spirit’s Fire

U. Unknown fact about me? I’m a published poet.

V. Favorite
Corn on the cob and sugar snap pears

Worst habit? 
Hmmm…I dont know

X. X-Ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound

Y. Your favorite food? Mexican

Z. Zodiac Sign? Virgo

My ABC’s of Life

My friend Sarah did a blogpost the other day using the ABC’s. She challenged her friends/readers to do the same. I thought it sounded like fun so here are my ABCs of life as of today. Enjoy!

A-Andrea. My sister Andrea and I spent some time together at Camp of the Cross and with mom a couple weeks ago. It was so good to spend time with her since we dont get to do it that often. We are going to a F-M RedHawks game together on Thurs night too!

B-Books, Books, and more Books! I have so many books to read right now. I love reading but trying to find time to read is the key. Im almost done with my third book so far this summer but have like 6 or 7 more. I told myself I couldnt buy anymore books but then what do I do on Saturday…buy another book? Oh well they will come in handy during those cold winter months!

C-Camp of the Cross. It is always so good to spend some time in this place that will always hold a special place in my heart.

D-Dilworth Lutheran. I am so blessed to be part of this community of faith. Can hardly believe I just celebrated my 3rd anniversary there. Gearing up for the school year….confirmation, Sunday School, Milestones, etc.

E-Eat, Pray Love. My friend came to F-M on Friday and we went and saw this movie. I loved the book so was really looking forward to the movie. The movie was good and I enjoyed it but I will always love the book over the movie. I would love to do an Eat, Pray, Love trip….maybe someday when Im richer…..LOL!

F-Family. It is always good to spend time with family. It has been way tooo long. I know Dad is busy with the farm as is the rest of the fam. Hopefully soon we will get to spend some quality time together.

G-Garden Vegetables. I love garden veggies! I dont have a garden but I love going to farmer’s markets to find fresh produce. I also like when I come home to find surprises in front of my door. Tonight it was two fresh tomatos and a green pepper. How cool!

H-Happy! I am happy with my job, my family, my friends.

I-Iowa. I do miss Iowa and the castle sometimes!

J-Jack. My cousin’s 4 month old son needs prayers. He has been diagnosed with the same condition as his sister. He is strong and healthy. Jack is loved by so many!

K-Kite-Flying. So in my down-time I like to watch tv. Have you seen the kite-flyer on America’s Got Talent? Amazing huh!!!

L-LifeLight! I am so excited to go to the LifeLight music festival this year over Labor Day weekend. It will be good since I havent been there in two years. I also am excited to celebrate my birthday that weekend. I also am super stoked to see Francesca Battestelli in concert.

M-Mom. So this has two thoughts…One I love my mommy so dearly and am so glad to have spend some time with her…twice this summer at camp. The other–I yearn to be a mom myself.

N-North Dakota! I love ND and will always be a girl from the prairie. So good to get to spend some time in the prairie. I love being able to see the sky as far as I can see!

O-Older (but not sure about wiser…LOL) I will be just another year older on Sept 3.

P-Pet. I love my apartment but sometimes the loneliness gets to me and I yearn for a pet. I wonder what I would get…maybe a kitten, maybe a puppy. Who knows?

Q-Quilt Raffle. The church is having a fall dinner this year as a major fundraiser. We are currently selling raffles and the big raffle prize is this beautiful hand-made quilt.

R-Radishes. I love radishes but I like them even more when I can share them with my friends. You know who you are?!?!

S-Single! Still a single girl here. Yearning for Mr. Right, a family, etc so asking God for patience until it happens for me! Sooner rather than later would be nice!

T-Tweeting. Yes, I gave in and have a Twitter account! Its actually been fun learning how to Tweet.

U-Unique. “fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image” What more can I say?!?! 🙂

V-Vocal. Its interesting that when I first started working at CCM, they couldnt get me to talk and now I cant shut up. Ive become very vocal about important issues in my life…most especially mental illnesses and diaconal ministry.

W-Wartburg and Its People. I love my seminary and miss it and the people. Im glad that I get to catch up with WTSers once a month or so. So good for my soul!

X-Xtreme heat and xylophone. So this is probably cheating but it has been soooo hot here lately. The last couple of days it has been nice to have some cooler area. Also Im stealing Sarah’s X word because I cant think of anything else. Ive always enjoyed listening to the xylophone.

Y-You! I miss you!

Z-Zero. Im with my friend Sarah! None left…all the letters are filled. You should check it out. Sarah’s right. It is harder than you would think! Give it a try!