Super Power Friday Five

List five super powers that you use in your vocational life. This isn’t bragging. It’s naming the light that shines from your lamp stand.

(1) Being a positive smiley person. At least thats what I have been told. I’m not saying I don’t have bad days because I totally do!! When I was in college, a couple of friends nicknamed me “smiley” because they said I always had a smile on my face. It is totally a gift that I have been given by God.

(2) A baby whisperer. Ok I am not really one but I LOVE babies. And I jump at every chance I get to hold a baby or help out a family at church. A couple of years ago at our church dinner I helped out a family, took the baby and rocked him straight to sleep which is exactly what his momma had been trying to do.

(3) Writer/Preacher! I have been a writer ever since I can remember. I also never thought I would preach but I love that my collague lets me preach once a month. Lately I have gotten lots of compliments. Totally all the work of the Holy Spirit and I am glad to partner with the Holy Spirit here.

(4) A Master Packer! Ha! I have had way too much experience packing and helping others pack…through seminary etc. And now I am finding myself in the midst of a transition as I get ready to start a new call. Crazy to think that I actually am a pretty good packer! 😛

(5) Self-Care. I really try to take care of myself because it is so important. I try to work out and do Zumba a couple of times a week. I try to eat healthier…which Im not great at…but I keep trying! 🙂 I make sure to carve out time to spend with family and friends!

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