Super Bowl SUnday!

Well my Super Bowl Sunday has been extremely busy. This weekend I went to Beulah to interview for the youth and family position. I feel like it went well but only time will tell. I drove to Bismarck Friday night and then to Beulah yesterday morning. At 11am I had pop and pizza with some of the youth of the congregation. After that I had my interview with the call committee, and then I got a tour of the big town of Beulah…LOL! So its really not that big! I had a little time after that to chill out and then had supper with the call committee and some of the church council members. This morning I read at worship and was communion assistant. Then they had a reception for me so needless to say I met many people who I really dont remember many names. But it was a good weekend, the church council meets on Feb 21 so we will go from there after that. Who knows whats going to happen?!?! Then after church, I drove the long drive back to Grand Forks so Im just a little tired. I think now Im going to go find something to eat and catch at least some of the Super Bowl! And by the way….Im so glad to see that WTS has revived homecoming week. How exciting! Wish I could be there but since I cant know that I will loudly be cheering for the Running Reformers from miles away! Lets see if you can hear me that night!!!

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