Sunday Blessings 100

(1) Juicy Pear Jelly Bellies

(2) Talking to my Daddy

(3) A call from MW. So blessed by his friendship.

(4) YouthWorkers meeting. It’s been way too long. I missed these peeps.

(5) Beer and Hymns with EG, AH and PK.

(6) Running into Kyle D

(7) A great Confirmation class

(8) Awesome night at FLY

(9) Mail from my Daddy

(10) Fresh Apple Crisp

(11) Having a link to one of my Write 31 Days posts shared on Living Lutheran.

(12) Getting my sink fixed which meant a new shiny faucet.

(13) A post bizarre nap

(14) Leftovers sent home with me. Thank You ladies!

(15)Compliments on my sermon

(16) Helping a friend out

(17) A tweet back from an author of a great book. So cool!!!

(18)My Huskers finally won a game after some really close losses!!!

(19) A beautiful Fall day

(20) Blowing bubbles with CM and EH today in my office.

(21) So much fun hanging with the family SS families. I’ve missed them!!

(22) Conference meeting and being elected as LYO advisor for our conference.

(23) Supper out with my friend KG and two of her three kiddos. Great cap to the weekend.

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