Sunday Blessings Twenty-Eight

Holy Week is just beginning and I’m already tired. I almost didn’t post a Sunday blessings because I’m tired but then realized that’s an even better reason to post a list. Besides that, I have been feeling incredibly entirely blessed this week!

(1) A note from my friend N telling me their prayers have finally been answered. They will meet their daughter in Bulgaria next month and then if all falls into place, she will come home in October.

(2) Fun real mail. One of my members at my previous call sent me the directory that we did last year. It had two sweet pics inside from two of my fave little boys.

(3) The HS coming to me and helping me write my sermon on our question of faith for the 6th week of Lent. Fun to get compliments on it!

(4) A text asking me to hang out

(5) A ladies night! Thanks ladies! It was such a great night! I needed that! Blessed to have you all in my life!

(6) Coffee with two wonderful ladies in my life! Excited to start our book study together!

(7) Being invited to a friends for a wine tasting party! So much fun!

(8) Being invited out to supper with some members and their daughter

(9) An awesome children’s sermon! I loved the idea and was so excited to give it! So much fun!!

(10) Having a little boy bring me a mini muffin this morning

(11) Going with a member to our shared ministry church’s Roast Beef Dinner

(12) Accidentally being called by Pastor M from my last call. Called him back and had a great conversation catching up!

(13) Making muffins to share with our seniors

(14) Watching the Family SS crew in action! So proud of what they did today!! An incredible example of helping others!!

(15) Great heart-to-heart conversations

(16) Texting with one of my fave people

(17) A great first session of First Communion class with parents

(18) Talking to my momma on the phone

And oh so many more but I’m tired so my brain is having a hard time thinking of more so this will have to do for this week!

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