Sunday Blessings; Edition Two

So here is this weeks list of blessings (Looks like there will be more than ten thus week) 🙂

(1) A friend offering to pick up my sister from the airport and save her $20. (And then having to pick her up at midnight due to a delayed flight)

(2) A colleague giving me a ride to the airport

(3) A generous soul picking me up at the airport and taking me to the retreat center

(4) An unexpected dinner treat

(5) Hearing the words “You are just such a ray of sunshine who pops in at the right moment.”–Said directly to me (I think this might be my favorite!)

(6) Visiting with a lady on the plane and having her gift me with a beautifully knitted scarf at the end of the flight

(7) Having my spiritual cup overflow; being at the Diaconal Ministry Gathering

(8) Lots of joy-filled laughter

(9) Hearing the words ” Never lose your joy. It’s contagious!” Something so holy and blessed when friends affirm your identity and your gifts.

(10) Swim time

(11) Cool enough weather to have my window open at night

(12) Running into colleagues at the airport; resulting in not having to travel alone and enjoying a meal with them.

(13) An unexpected email that totally made me smile

(14) Making New friends and spending time with dear friends.

(15) My own bed

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