Sunday Blessings; Edition Four

I love that I’ve gotten into this routine of posting a list of some of my blessings on Sundays. It really has helped me focus on the positive rather than the negative!

(1) Lemon Fiber One 90 Calorie Bars (They are awesome and so refreshing. I almost hate to admit it but I ate three bars within two hours of bringing them home from the store!)

(2) Rain and the smell of rain

(3) Getting to spend time with a friend and her girls who I haven’t seen in quite awhile.

(4) A text message that totally made my day

(5) A parent from a neighboring church who is able to go on the Houseboat trip as an adult leader since we couldn’t find one from our church.

(6) Talking to a friend I haven’t talked to in ages.

(7) Celebrating my 6th Anniversary working at the church I work at

(8) Fresh Garden cucumbers shared by a colleague at work from her garden.

(9) My Kindle and new books!

(10) A Day Off

(11) Staying under my calorie goal for the day

(12) Successful try at a new Pinterest recipe—fajitas!

(13) Clean laundry

(14) A fantastic community of faith that has blessed me in more ways than I could have imagined.

(15) Post Liturgical naps

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