Sunday Blessings 98

(1) Mom calling me.

(2) A belated bday present in the mail. So much fun! Thanks PB!!

(3) A blog friend nominating me for the Liebster Award.

(4) Being told that I’m a precious lady!

(5) A Vox from KA, CM and MG.

(6) FMF Twitter Party

(7) The return of all my fave shows: NCIS, Nashville, Greys Anatomy and so much more.

(8) A great colleague lunch

(9) Winning a prize at a Twitter party. I never win anything!!

(10) Running into KD at CashWise

(11) Weight Watchers Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sundaes.

(12) A sweet Tweet from a friend reminding me that I’m more precious than rubies.

(13) More Periscope viewers.

(14) During the children’s sermon, one of the kids coming up behind me and saying “Hi Tara!”

(15) An invitation to go to Beer and Hymns.

(16) A great renewal team meeting/training for small group leaders.

(17) A gorgeous Fall Day

(18) 3rd Grade Bible Milestone.

(19) My usual hug during the greeting time from one of my fave little girls.

(20) The return of my famous crockpot taco chicken chili. Yum!!!

(21) Texting with MW.

(22) And so much more!!

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