Sunday Blessings 93

(1) Voxing with KA

(2) Family Vacation School–love it!!

(3) One of my fave kiddos yelling my name out the window as they drove by.

(4) Another kiddo asking me to take them through the tunnel.

(5) Taking pics with E. Loved the red wig he put on. The photo booth was a blast!!

(6) Talking to my momma

(7) A text from MW

(8) Uploading the pics from our trip

(9) A text from two of my girls trying to get me to come hang out with them.

(10) Running into one of my fave people GS while I was out doing errands.

(11) Yummy peaches!!

(12) Voxing with TM

(13) My first Vox from MH.

(14) Hanging out for a little while with Mr. E

(15) Being invited out to and treated to brunch today.

(16) A much much cooler day.

(17) Compliments on my sermon today. Thanks Holy Spirit!!

(18) A post-liturgical nap (PLN)

(19) Yummy juicy tomatoes

(20) Cinnamon Gummy Bears

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