Sunday Blessings 90

(1) ELCA Youth Gathering!!!!!

(2) Rest

(3) Working the church Fairstand.

(4) ND State Fair Fun with my sister!

(5) Keith Urban concert! One of the best concerts I’ve ever been too!!!

(6) ELCA Youth Gathering!!!!

(7) Chatting with a couple at the Fairstand and them telling me that I must be a good youth worker.

(8) Sea Lion show

(9) A surprise piece of mail.

(10) Talking to our Daddy on the phone.

(11) So many little ladies excited to see me at church today.

(12) Birthday cake for a 90 year old member at church.

(13) Lots of questions about the youth gathering. Can’t wait for us to share at church.

(14) Children’s sermon. I missed those kiddos!!!

(15) A sweet Baptism at church

(16) ELCA Youth Gathering!!!!!

(17) Many compliments on the dress I wore to church today.

(18) Lunch at Applebee’s with my sissy.

(19) A message from our auntie saying she bought us both selfie sticks for our phones.

(20) A PLN

(21) A church member telling me that I remind him so much of their granddaughter.

(22) FaceTiming with one of my fave people; MW!!

(23) Getting caught up on all my DVRed shows.

(24) Going for a walk with me dear Diaconal friend AD.

(25) Youth Gathering!!!
Youth Gathering!!!!
Youth Gathering!!!!!

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