Sunday Blessings; 8th Edition

Alright friends here’s this week’s list:

(1) Fresh tomatoes and onions from my neighbor and her garden. She also gave me a piece of dessert to enjoy as well.

(2) Finishing another ShutterFly photo book and getting my 2013 book started and caught up.

(3) A great SS teachers and volunteers training.

(4) The Holy Spirit coming to me and helping my sermon get finished before I left for the long weekend.

(5) Birthday cards and birthday money 🙂

(6) A nice coffee meeting (after a little miscommunication–we had to reschedule!)

(7) Breakfast with some of my church peeps and then one of them paying for my meal

(8) Being invited out to dinner tomorrow night for my bday

(9) Delicious corn on the cob

(10) Lunch with a dear colleague

(11) Texting and chatting with friends I feel like I haven’t seen in forever.

(12) New life! Congrats to colleagues on the birth of their little girl.

(13) Cooler weather–there was such a beautiful breeze last night.

This will have to be it for this weeks list! Have a great week my dear readers and friends!!

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