Sunday Blessings 89

(1) FLC Fun Day–High Ropes Course and Play on the water.

(2) At least trying to climb even though I didn’t make it to far! And then getting to the top and zip lining!!

(3) Hugs from FLC kids at camp. So fun to see them and see how much fun they are having!!

(4) Compliments on my highlights

(5) Coffee with one of my besties CT. An hour and a half later….

(6) Supper with my dear friend KG and her kiddos.

(7) Compliments on my new dress!

(8) A sweet card and gift from a parishioner. So very kind of her!

(9) A stranger at Target complimenting me on my green sundress and my green purse.

(10) A Coke Icee. So yummy on a very high 80 degree day.

(11) The new Starbucks Strawberry refresher.

(12) FMF Party. I’ve missed these people!!!

(13) A call from my momma. Hearing for myself how she is doing. Think she is on the upswing.

(14) Sending Blessing

(15) Mowing my lawn in the morning before it got 90 degrees

(16) My friend PB coming out to W Acres to see me. Love!!

(17) Air conditioning on our bus

(18) A cool breeze on a very humid night.

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