Sunday Blessings 87

(1) My friend’s son pulling my name out of a hat for a drawing.

(2) Trying my first recipe from Bread and Wine; Blueberry Crisp. Very yummy!!

(3) Staff liked the Blueberry Crisp.

(4) Family SS picnic. It was a cold night but it was so fun. Love those families!

(5) Hanging out with Mr. E while his mom and dad worked on building boxes for our community garden.

(6) S’more Summer Worship

(7) I love smelling like campfire and roasting marshmallows.

(8) Learning that a friend was a surrogate for another friend of ours. What an incredibly selfless act!

(9) Hearing my colleague’s son say, “That’s Tara” when I came.

(10) Planting some veggies in our church’s community garden. So excited for fresh tomatoes etc.

(11) New haircut, color and facial wax. All thanks to a very anonymous generous gifter.

(12) Hearing Mr. E say hello to me. “Hi Tawa” (I love how it sounds with his sweet two year old voice)
(13) PB and I getting to participate in a Baptism with two little boys. So sweet!!

(14) Great day of driving; 10 hours down; about two to go.

(15) A nice Quality Inn to rest my head for the night.

It’s a short list this week, but I know the next list will be long! I wanted to share the song “Sons and Daughters” by Matt Mahrer but he doesn’t have a video of it and I can’t find a link so if you own the cd check it out or go to your local christian store and listen to it. It is how I think many of us are feeling after the tragedy in Charleston this past week. Love you all!

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