Sunday Blessings 87 & 88; Lutheran Academy of the Rockies Edition

(1) Stopping to see my friend Jen and her girls. Such a perfect way to start off my continuing education trip. I got to meet EllieMae and see Miss Alexandria.

(2) Realizing that my wallet was not lost but simply just left/misplaced in my car.

(3) Arriving in Estes Park and seeing so many dear familiar faces.

(4) Texting with my sis and my friend MW.

(5) My first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains on this trip.

(6) Reading on the patio at Meeker Park Lodge. I know there will be many more days like this over the next ten days.

(7) Frank asking me to pray at our meal today for Lutheran Academy of the Rockies.

(8) Dancing with sweet two year old Nelle. It was one of my absolute favorite things from today.

(9) Getting a text from my colleague sharing that we got some beautiful flowers from a family that we did a Baptism for.

(10) Lutheran Academy of the Rockies cookout. Sadly the rain came in and everyone scattered!

(11) Chili Lights parties

(12) An hour and a half nap

(13) Abigail running up to me because she was excited to see me. Also pushing her on the swing.

(14) Singing Brown Squirrel with a cute little girl.

(15) Helping out with the kids program for a morning.

(16) Running into LAR friends and hanging out with them. Supper, jazz concert, etc.

(17) Seeing on FB from blog friends that I’m being missed this week.

(18) Driving to Ft. Collins to see my friend Sue.

(19) Playing with some really sweet kiddos.

(20) Getting to see Nelle, Nora and their mom before they head home to Iowa tomorrow. So sweet!!

(21) A parent complimenting me today. She was like some people know how to interact with toddlers and some people don’t. You are one of those people that does.

(22) My friend EG texting me and going to visit Mom for me.

(23) Going to Fun City and out to supper with awesome people.

(24) Leading devotions at LAR.

(25) Holding little Becca’s hand and singing with her as the kids led devotions.

(26) Abigail coming in and giving me a hug. Also pushing her on the swings.

(27) LAR Talent night! Always so much fun!!!

(28) Compliments on my poetry and how I am so good at it.

(29) CL coming up to and and asking how I’m doing after this mornings presentation. Also saying she realizes how strong her mom is and hopes I feel that way too!!

(30) Texting with my sister

(31) Being told by a sweet wise man that I am a joy.

(32) A hotel to rest my head after a very long day of driving.

(33) Getting pulled over and thankfully only getting a warning.

(34) Voxing with some of my faves; KA, TM and DB.

(35) 4th of July with my sissy–sleeping in, shopping etc.

(36) Waiting for the fireworks at the state fair grounds; getting rained on, waiting until like 11:30 pm for fireworks.

(37) Surviving doing worship solo!

(38) Ann and I having brunch with some church peeps after church.

(39) Root Beer Floats

(40) Catching up on my DVRed shows.

(41) Yummy Cucumber Salad!!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 87 & 88; Lutheran Academy of the Rockies Edition

  1. I love this! I own a book called "10,000 Things to be Happy About" and your list reminds me of that. There really are so many things that bless us and can bring us little joys throughout our day. Thank you for taking the time to notice those little things in life that can be so precious!

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