Sunday Blessings 86

(1) Fair Trade Chocolate: Dark Chocolate with Mint

(2) A text from two of my faves: STM and KW telling me they miss me.

(3) Real mail from a blog friend. Thanks SS! Totally made my day!!

(4) A great renewal team meeting

(5) Accidentally butt dialing a friend and then getting a chance to talk with her over instant messenger.

(6) The best sister in the world. Love ya Andrea Kay!!

(7) A little boy from church wanting to hold my hand. Then when we were holding hands, he kept leaning in to kiss it.

(8) A great night working on our youth gathering fundraiser. Thanks everyone!!

(9) A blog friend asking if she could link back to one of my blog posts.

(10) Council meeting at PK’s house. It was such a gorgeous night to be outside.

(11) A lady at the mall telling me I looked younger than 36.

(12) A fun new sundress and sandals

(13) Texting with MW.

(14) A nice thank you note postcard in the mail

(15) Great day of youth fundraising!

(16) Awesome conversations with some of my youth kids. Talking about our trip, going off to college, volunteering at the animal shelter etc.

(17) Amazing generous givers for our youth fundraisers.

(18) Outshine Grape Popsicles; tasted so good after mowing my lawn.

(19) Leftover donuts from our youth fundraiser that we shared for this mornings coffee hour.

(20) A total Holy Spirit moment. My children’s sermon was about letting our lights shine. We even used the words of the song. It came time for special music and guess what they sang….you guessed…”This Little Light of Mine.” I hadn’t looked at what they were doing and they had no idea what my sermon would be about. So cool!!!

(21) An awesome PLN (post-liturgical nap)

(22) A mowed lawn. I enjoy working outside and I’m always so proud of how nice my lawn looks afterwards.

(23) Getting a Vox from TM. I’ve missed you friend!!

(24) A light rain

(25) Sweet summertime sleep

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