Sunday Blessings 85

(1) Having coffee with my dear friend CT.

(2) A good lunch meeting with a colleague.

(3) Receiving a fun surprise in the mail. Thanks Lindy!!

(4) New contacts

(5) Western ND Gala dinner. So fun to serve the people of WND who attended. Also got to enjoy some fresh salad and homemade bread! Yum!!

(6) Yummy homemade bread

(7) Spending time with dear Diaconal sisters.

(8) Lots of conversation around the Practice Discipleship Initiative.

(9) So many different acquaintances sharing how proud they are of me. So incredibly humbling.

(10) Awesome music shared at synod assembly.

(11) High-fiving my colleagues little boy. So fun!!

(12) Walking by the pool at the hotel and hearing my name being called out as some of my church kids were swimming.

(13) Meeting my dear friends sister and niece. And getting to see her mom.

(14) Lunch with Bishop Mark and Word and Service colleagues. So thankful for that conversation.

(15) A sweet woman saying she wanted to be friends with me because I seemed so sweet.

(16) Baby Gabriel smiling so sweetly for me.

(17) A sweet text from a dear friend. Thanks so much ST!

(18) Delivering toys for my friend and getting to talk to her hubby and their sweet girls.

(19) A few Graduation Open houses.

(20) Graduation Open House Leftovers sent home with me. Thanks so much. So sweet of you!

(21) Getting to see my best friend. It’s been way too long. We exchanged Christmas and Birthday gifts today!! A new Nativity for my collection.

(22) Bible camp staff sharing music etc with us at synod assembly.

(23) Pre-assembly workshop at synod assembly. Thanks for the bracelets Anna and Shera. Love them so much!!

(24) Sharing some of my poetry at the art show at synod assembly.

(25) Lunch at Panera; great company and yummy food.

(26) A candy bar at a graduation open house.

(27) Thanks to everyone who supported our youth gathering kids today as they served coffee after church.

(28) Being asked to help my friend coach for a FB Sip and Stride challenge. Thanks Lindy!

(29) A blog friend sharing a tweet with a link to one of my blog posts.

(30) My Diaconal sisters here in Western ND.

(31) Texting with one of my fave people. Thanks MW!

(32) A new season of Food Network Star!!!

(33) A friend of moms and the current pastor at my home church stopping in Garrison on their way back to Ashley to see Mom. Mom was so happy they stopped. Love!!!

(34) Talking to mom on the phone

(35) The Holy Spirit; alive and well on the prairies of North Dakota.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 85

  1. I'm with Susan! I love these posts too! A little glimpse into your every day life! And Amen for new contacts… and Panera? Well – I have never been – but we are getting one soon and I can not wait!

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