Sunday Blessings 84

(1) Ice cream with my colleagues

(2) Grace! (God knows when I need a little help and some grace!)

(3) A great new member class

(4) Getting to hold one of our new member’s twins. I sooo love holding babies!!

(5) Getting errands done for the youth fundraiser.

(6) FMF Twitter Party

(7) Getting to Curves earlier than usual and thus being able to be home before 5 pm.

(8) Great youth fundraiser. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us.

(9) My youth and their moms helping fill the bags for synod assembly from the Gathering team. Saved us so much time!!

(10) Walking Molly while her family was at a wedding.

(11) AN and BN’s girls so excited to see me.

(12) Faith grabbing my hand and leading me all around my house; asking lots of questions.

(13) Walking over 10000 steps one day

(14) Compliments on my sermon. Thanks Holy Spirit!!!

(15) Praying goodnight prayers with my friend, her husband and their girls.

(16) Running into a good camp friend at an event today. So fun to see you HD!

(17) Pancake benefit for Little Miss Alivia.

(18) Watermelon left in my fridge. So yummy!! Thanks Amber and family!!

(19) Groundbreaking at Camp of the Cross for the new Fellowship Hall. Sad I wasn’t able to be there in person but definitely was there in spirit.

(20) Talking to my momma on the phone.

(21) Reading “Bread and Wine” by Shauna Niequest.

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