Sunday Blessings 82 & 83

I keep forgetting to post this…a few weeks worth.

(1) Coffee with the quilters

(2) Sitting on the floor playing catch with my colleagues son.

(3) YouthWorkers meeting. We missed you CT and MH!

(4) Spending some time with my momma.

(5) A gift from one of mom’s friends

(6) Voxing with KA

(7) Driving with my friends to hear a great speaker.

(8) Riding in the car with CT and RT’s girl and having then talk my ears off! 🙂

(9) A fantastic last Confirmation class. I even gave them a treat.

(10) Yummy Cookies for You cookies.

(11) FMF Twitter party

(12) Buying lemonade from one of my fave little girls and her friend.

(13) Finding a few gems at a garage sale.

(14) A text from a good friend showing a pic of him and a dear seminary friend. So fun to get a hello from them both.

(15) The new Mumford and Sons cd.

(16) A much needed rain. It’s been raining all day. Now I’m listening to the birdies singing.

(17) Teaching the kiddos some sign language during my children’s sermon.

(18) Receiving my prize from the 5 day arms and abs challenge in the mail

(19) Making T-shirts with the church kiddos.

(20) S’more Summer worship

(21) More real mail! Thanks #Fmfpartysnailmail.

(22) Starbucks Very Berry Refresher

(23) Skinny Cow Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches

(24) A little boy grabbing my hand because he wanted to shake it and I was busy chatting so I didn’t see him right away.

(25) Two of my fave people coming to worship at FLC. So good to see them.

(26) I hardly ever wear my glasses because I prefer my contacts. But I tore my last contact so I was wearing my glasses. I got several compliments on my glasses.

(27) Listening to DB’s 4th Friday talk. Hoping to go when I’m in Colorado next month.

(28) Talking to my mommy on the phone.

(29) Beautiful Spring Days

(30) The life of Blacky the dog. Blacky has been our farm dog for 13 years. Yesterday Blacky went to take a nap and never woke up. It’s so hard to lose pets yet I am so very thankful for the life of Blacky. She always would chase after your car when you left the farm. I’ll miss that.

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