Sunday Blessings 81

(1) A phone call from my friend HSG. So excited to see her and David at the end of the week.

(2) More FMFpartySnailMail

(3) Spending some dear time with my momma.

(4) Voxing with TM and KA! I’ve missed Voxing with these ladies.

(5) Texting with my dear friend MP. I miss her so much!!!

(6) Some fun snail mail including a sweet thank you card from a former parishioner.

(7) A sweet resident telling me she loves me with Christian love.

(8) Mini seminary reunion with Todd, Deanna, David and Heather.

(9) Watching Paddington

(10) A sweet card in the mail from a relative.

(11) Exploring Scandinavian Heritage Park with Heather and David.

(12) Winning the prize for the 5 day arms and abs challenge. I never win anything! :p

(13) The birth of my dear friend JK and CK’s new baby girl! Love her already!!!

(14) Playing “I Spy” driving around with my friends.

(15) Great senior Sunday at FLC

(16) Flowers given to me and my friend at the restaurant we went to for Mother’s Day. They gave all women a rose!

(17) Spending the weekend catching up with my friends.

(18) Running into KD at the restaurant; getting to say hello and give a hug.

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