Sunday Blessings 80

(1) Playing Hide N Seek with a colleague’s daughter.

(2) Getting to spend time with my dear friend CT

(3) A church kiddo asking me to help him spread butter on his sandwich

(4) Finally Voxing with KA. It’s been too long. And I love this girl like a sister. We just get each other! 🙂 I am dreaming of the day we get to finally meet InRL.

(5) Colleague lunch. Getting to spend time with me dear friends CT and KG!

(6) An email from a parent sharing how her child learned a great lesson from my class on Wed.

(7) FMF Twitter Party. I love Thursday nights and these ladies!

(8) Spending time with my sissy–Such a great weekend!

(9) Going to “The Longest Ride” with my sister.

(10) Finding out that TM and I are going to be in Nashville at the same time in August which means we totally have to meet!!!

(11) Receiving my first 2015 Minot/FLC graduation invitation in the mail.

(12) A kid bringing me dandelions during the kids sermon. So sweet!!

(13) Baby snuggles and a sweet smile from baby Briar.

(14) A nice Confirmation service (Great group of kids but disappointed that some of them were talking all through communion time)

(15) A message from HG now that they are back in the States. Prob will visit me soon!! It’s been three years so excited to see her and her hubby!

(16) One of my fave little girls so excited to see me!!

(17) Watching some kiddos at Family SS as they had a dance party! 🙂

(18) A great PLN

(19) Catching up on the shows I recorded during the week.

(20) Finishing Crystal Stine’s Creative Basics course.

(And since I learned so much, here is a printable for you to print off. This saying was shared with me by my seminary advisor when I graduated seminary. He always shares it with his senior advisees. It reminds my always that I am a beloved child of God and that is ENOUGH!)

Click on this link for the Printable: Baptism Quote Printable

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