Sunday Blessings; 7th Edition

(1) Tomatoes fresh from the garden shared with me by a neighbor

(2) Safe travels to the Cities

(3) My sis having a good first day of school this year teaching

(4) A fun day at the MN State Fair with great WTS friends–good fun, lots of laughter, pure joy!

(5) Stopping at a friends on my way home from the cities, going our for lunch and catching up on life.

(6) Finding a friend’s honey entry at the fair, taking pictures of their honey entry and texting the pics to my friend.

(7) Another great “Labor of Love” Sunday

(8) A member leaving fresh garden produce at church to share with us. I got a few cucumbers and tomatoes.

(9) Air conditioning on this very HOT day!!!

(10) Watching a toddler get soooo excited to ride the carousel at the fair….absolute pure joy!!!

(11) Shutterfly photo books. I love making them and sharing them with friends and family. I need to get caught up though.

(12) A good book on my Kindle. The book I’m currently reading is called “The Promise of Stardust”

(13) A Baptism during Worship

I’ve been loving writing down my blessings but this week in particular I can’t help but think of a dear friend and her husband who lost their baby girl. Sometimes it’s just so hard to understand! Please say a prayer for their family. It would be greatly appreciated!

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