Sunday Blessings 79

1) A good Mutual Ministry Committee meeting

(2) One of the quilters telling me I have pretty eyes.

(3) Helping Miss R get around tonight after her eye surgery and getting to have lunch with her.

(4) One last postcard from Japan from my friend Heather. They are now back in the States!! Woo Hoo!!!

(5) A space heater to keep my office warm.

(6) Standing in line at the DQ and one of my fave little boys running in and practically attacking me because he was so excited to see me

(7) A little girl talking all of our ears off at DQ

(8) One of the Confirmation small groups helping out in my backyard

(9) Orange Julius

(10) Sitting outside, talking with a colleague and watching her son play outside while we visited.

(11) Being taken out for lunch by our office manager to celebrate my consecration anniversary.

(12) Our Janitor sharpening the blade on my personal mower.

(13) Hanging out at church and listening to the high school choir before they went on their choir trip.

(14) Spending time with my camp friends AN and her hubby BN Andy friend MG. Camp friendships are so beautiful!!

(15) S’mores and Much More Gala! So much fun!!!

(16) Chatting with AN, BN and MG. We could have sat and chatted for hours. It’s been way too long!!

(17) Running into an college professor in the Bismarck Target.

(18) Some much needed “me” time; spending the night at a hotel, a lite bit of fun shopping, time with good friends and a road trip home.

(19) Wartburg Theological Seminary announcing their new President. They couldn’t have picked a finer person. So excited for LJ and WTS!!

(20) Pathways Outdoor Ministries announcing their new co-executive directors. So excited for them too!!

(21) Quilters Blessing

(22) One of my fave little girls jumping up on me to give me a huge hug

(23) A great dinner put on by our Family Sunday School families for our seniors.

(24) A refreshing rain

(25) YOU!!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 79

    • You are welcome! It's been such a good practice for me to keep a list each week. And I am pretty excited about the image I created for this post too. Made it as part of Crystal Stine's Creative Basics course. 🙂

  1. If you ever write a novel I want the first line to be, "I ran into one of my college professors at the Bismarck, Target." No, seriously, I want you to write that book! Random comment of the day. You're welcome.

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