Sunday Blessings 77

(1) Easter Monday; a day off from work, time to relax, etc.

(2) A text from my colleague at DLC

(3) A fellow blogger sending me a book. Thanks Ingrid! I’m excited to read it!!

(4) Juicy Pear and Cinnamon Jelly Bellies

(5) A great Confirmation class

(6) Fresh lemons from a lady at church

(7) A mom thanking me for the First Communion blessing/worship at church

(8) Talking to my colleague from DLC

(9) Attending a colleagues mom’s funeral

(10) An Easter card with a gift card

(11) Voxing with TM and KA

(12) Spending time with EG

(13) Driving around and seeing kids riding bike, people working outside, etc as it is a sure sign that Spring has arrived.

(14) Finally getting to finish watching Kara Tippett’s memorial service.

(15) Sitting outside, reading a book and soaking up some sun

(16) Aspirin to help a headache go away

(17) Texting with my good friend MW

(18) My FMF intro video being shared this week

(19) Getting some baby snuggles in.

(20) Spending time with my friend AN.

(21) Talking to my momma on the phone.

(22) Two little girls showing me the ladybug they found.

(23) One of my fave little girls taking my hand and taking me where she wanted me to go.

(24) Another one of my fave girls sharing some M and Ms with me. For each color I picked, there was a question that I had to answer.

(25) Olive Garden

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