Sunday Blessings 76

(1) Voxing with two of my faves; DB and TM.

(2) Getting to talk to one of my friends who I haven’t talked to in a long time.

(3) Going to support one of our college youth and her group raise money for their trip they are taking in April.

(4) Soup Tuesday at Minot State

(5) A sweet thank you note from some of my youth kids.

(6) Our janitor at church helping me with my car. I went home to do errands and it wouldn’t start. J helped me hook the charger up.

(7) A member bringing us two egg quiches for our Easter breakfast

(8) An awesome night with our First Communion participants and their families.

(9) Worshippers participating our hand washing station as part of Maundy Thursday worship.

(10) Lunch at the Starving Rooster with EG.

(11) Decorating for Easter breakfast and hiding eggs.

(12) A hugely successful Easter breakfast.

(13) The butterflies for my children’s sermon were a HUGE hit!!!

(14) An Easter text from my dear friend PB. Miss her and her family so much!!

(15) Spending Easter at a parishioners house. Great food, playing Dominoes, good conversation and so much fun.

(16) Having leftovers sent home with me.

(17) EASTER JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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