Sunday Blessings 75

(1) Our T-shirts arrived from Old Lutheran. So fun!!

(2) Productive Gathering team meeting.

(3) My friends JK and CK’s little girl turning two! Love that little girl and her parents so much!!

(4) Amazing response to my latest blog post! Wow!! You sure know how to make a girl feel loved!!!

(5) Chatting online with a friend I haven’t talked to in quite awhile.

(6) High fives from two of my fave kiddos; one played drums with the bell choir and the other one read the reading at worship.

(7) Great conversation with First Communion families. It’s so wonderful to see kids of all ages ready to come to the holy table.

(8) A great meeting with two youth and two parents as we started finalizing plans for Easter breakfast.

(9) Giving Blessing Bowls to my 7th Graders. Love so much!!!

(10) Holden Evening Prayer

(11) A fantastic colleagues lunch and getting to see some of my faves; CT and KG.

(12) Great conversation with Pastor GR about Milestone Ministries.

(13) A couple of Confirmation small groups filling Easter Eggs for me.

(14) Phone call from JH.

(15) A phone call from my Daddy. Love him so much!!!

(16) A shout-out on another friends blog

(17) Doing my FMF intro video

(18) Mouse River Players production of “The Adventures with Tom Sawyer” with my friend KG!

(19) Spending time with my friend Mandy and her daughter Caroline

(20) A great Palm Sunday

(21) Watching some of my church kiddos skate in their Spring skating exhibition.

(22) One of my youth bringing me a treat this morning because her family was serving during coffee hour.

(23) A note from the girls mom thanking me for coming today. The girls were so proud that I came to see them!

(24) Talking to my momma on the phone.

(25) 60 degree weather

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