Sunday Blessings 73

(1) Talking to my Gma on the phone and wishing her Happy Birthday!!

(2) A beautiful Spring day.

(3) Making Easy Cinnamon Roll Bread for our staff meeting.

(4) A text message from my friend STM and an absolutely adorable video of LucyAm. It totally made my day!!!

(5) Coffee with EG and CT! I have been so incredibly blessed with the most amazing God-filled women in my life! Thanks be to God!!

(6) Weather above 50 degrees! Glorious!!!

(7) B and D Caramel Rolls

(8) Stopping at a friends to pick something up. And I’m not in the house more than a few minutes before their girls start asking me to play with them!

(9) My first Shamrock shake of the season

(10) A church retreat at one of my all time fave places

(11) Spending time with awesome people at that retreat.

(12) Cat sitting Oscar and listening to him purr as he’s snuggled up in my lap.

(13) Watching the sunrise at one of my all time fave places in the world.

(14) New Member milestone and blessing at church.

(15) Getting to hold baby Chandler.

(16) Two little girls running up to me yelling my name after worship today.

(17) A compliment on my children’s sermon today.

(18) A Caribou Coffee treat!

(19) A new purse, new wallet and some books. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself and today was one of those days!

(20) Above 60 degrees weather.

(21) Talking to my momma on the phone.

(22) A text from my friend EG.

(23) Voxing with some of my faves; KA and TM.

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