Sunday Blessings 71

(1) YouthWorkers with CT, MH, and so many other wonderful people.

(2) Dad and C leaving me a few Perkins muffins.

(3) Supper with my friend EG

(4) Talking to my momma on the phone

(5) A sweet text from a dear friend

(6) Talking to my momma on the phone (oops guess I posted this one more than once…LOL)

(7) Return of the Voice and American Idol

(8) Someone taking the last two prayer magnets. Now all our Confirmation youth and youth gathering kids are being prayed for!

(9) Praying through my FB friends list for Lent and having my friends ask if there is anything they can pray for for me.

(10) Holden Evening Prayer

(11) A great colleagues lunch. Getting to see two of my faves CT and EG. Love them both!!

(12) Some #fmfpartysnailmail in my mailbox

(13) Getting to catch up with good friends who I haven’t talked to in forever

(14) A lazy Saturday

(15) Storytelling event at Pangea House

(16) Camp Sunday at church. So much fun!!!

(17) A member telling me she loves seeing me at FLC because of my enthusiasm

(18) Homemade Knoephla soup!! So yummy!!!!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 71

  1. cool! I've been creating my list, too, and it will include first Holden Evening Prayer of 2015! This coming week I'll get to be pianist for Wednesday noon eucharist and for Thursday evening Holden, but those will be line items for Lent 3. The enthusiasm compliment is so wonderful—i think originally meant divinely inspired or something similar? hugs!

    • That enthusiasm compliment totally made me smile and totally made my day! Hugs back to you too. Glad you are getting to play piano and are also enjoying Holden Evening prayer too!

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