Sunday Blessings 64, 65 & 66

Hi friends! Can’t believe I haven’t posted for a few weeks. So here’s three weeks worth of Sunday Blessings.

(1) Getting back into a workout routine

(2) A Vox from KA

(3) A shout out from my friend JN on her blog as well as a thank you note from her

(4) Texting with my friend STM

(5) A Vox from DB

(6) Being told how much of an encourager I am.

(7) Having lunch with the ladies at church after a funeral. So nice to not have to walk home in the crazy cold.

(8) A good Confirmation class

(9) An awesome DaySpring flash sale! 🙂

(10) Voxing with TM

(11) Starting a Nashville trip countdown with my sis

(12) Texting with my sis

(13) Return of FMF Twitter party after a two week break. I’ve missed these people!!

(14) NDSU four peat!! (I’m a UND fan but will always cheer for ND teams when they are in a championship game etc)

(15) Golden Globes

(16) A great YouthWorkers gathering

(17) A new nativity for my collection from my friend CT! Love it!!!

(18) A late Christmas card with a nice surprise inside

(19) A colleague calling and picking my brain for ideas.

(20) A late Christmas gift from one of my Confirmation students; a pretty bracelet.

(21) Voxing with TM for over an hour

(22) A post of mine being linked to on a friends blog. Thanks Melissa!!

(23) A couple of beautiful above zero (34 actually) days

(24) Finding some great deals at Maurice’s and using a Christmas gift card

(25) One of my Confirmation kiddos parents giving me an awesome compliment

(26) Spending time with my momma

(27) The return of American Idol

(28) A sweet message from another blogger. Thanks CL!

(29) Starbursts

(30) And so many more. (I missed some since I haven’t posted for a few weeks and forgot to post to my phone app)

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