Sunday Blessings 63

(1) More road tripping with the sis

(2) Time with Gma and Gpa

(3) Spending time with my sister, aunt and uncle.

(4) Movie date to see Unbroken with my sis and Dad

(5) Receiving my replacement phone so quickly

(6) Texting a few friends at midnight

(7) Watching the Rose Bowl Parade with my sis and C

(8) New Years Day Fun with the family

(9) A mailbox overflowing with mail; Christmas cards, #fmfpartysnailmail and so much more.

(10) A good day for a road trip back home

(11) A couple of Confirmation youth coming up for the children’s sermon at the 830 am service. It was a light worship attendance; not many kids.

(12) Lots of people glad to see me back today

(13) A text from a friend letting me know I sounded mighty fine on the radio this am

(14) Christening my new waffle maker! Yum!!

(15) Texting with my dear friend MW

(16) Talking to my momma on the phone

(17) An unexpected call from a Dilworth parishioner. So fun to hear from her!

(18) My sister texting me to let me know that the kitties like their Christmas present. In fact Tigger likes it so much. She didn’t want to share!

14 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 63

  1. Read and saw Unbroken – Fox News has a show telling the rest of the story. I thought it was well done – way too much to tell for one movie. Your list is deep and wide! Loved it

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