Sunday Blessings 62

(1) The beginning of a two week break. So ready!!

(2) Wrapping some presents for C

(3) Reading on my Kindle. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that!!

(4) Hanging with Gma and Gpa

(5) Wrapping a present for Gma

(6) A note from HL saying she received our gift we sent for the kids

(7) Getting a tour of my aunt and uncles new house.

(8) Helping Uncle T move some furniture in his new office

(9) Helping lead Christmas Eve worship at my home church

(10) A text from my friend EG and a message on my FB wall from KG. Love my friends so much. They always know what to say.

(11) Preaching Christmas Day worship at my home church

(12) Getting to meet baby Toby and getting some baby lovin’ in!!

(13) Hugs from some of my fave people

(14) Christmas with the fam; playing Rook, etc.

(15) Lunch and watching Frozen with the fam

(16) Playing and snuggling with my aunt and uncles new ten week old kitten.

(17) More Rook playing

(18) A wonderful one-on-one conversation with my Gma. I love these moments.

(19) A couple of voxer messages. Thanks TM and DB!! So thankful for you gals!!

(20) One of my fave moments this week: my sis and I sitting and watching Husker football with Gma and Gpa.

(21) Roadtripping with my sis

(22) Texting friends as I ride in the car. Something to pass the time.

(23) Finally watching the Fault in our Stars

(24) A Vox from my blog friend KA!

(25) And so many more!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 62

  1. Glad you had a good weekend! I have been picking up my Kindle (app) to read this week too, actually finished 2 books! My husband decided that in January we are going to fast from Netflix and Hulu, so I should get a LOT more reading done lol.

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