Sunday Blessings 60

Wow number 60. Hard to believe I’ve been doing this for over a year now.

(1) A great council meeting and gathering. I made my winning taco chicken chili and my Grandma’s famous cheeseball! So yummy!!!

(2) A member dropping by and giving me a poinsettia

(3) An apology from one of my Confirmation kids. Very sweet!!

(4) Receiving my first #fmfpartysnailmail.

(5) A friend gifting me a small gift; a cool scrapbooking app

(6) Voxing with more of my #write31 and #fmf friends!

(7) The FMF Twitter party. I look forward to Thursday nights even more now.

(8) My friend JN’s consecration as a Diaconal Minister in the ELCA! Wish I could be there with her but I am definitely there in Spirit. So proud and glad that her prayers have finally been answered!

(9) Receiving an awesome package in the mail; a DLC Christmas ornament. Thanks Paula! I love it!!!

(10) Going to grab something at church and finding a Christmas gift in my office. A fun surprise!

(11) Riding with my friend Beth to Williston.

(12) Being at a new friends Diaconal installation and getting to be a part of the service.

(13) Sunday School Christmas program and Reason for the Season party. Such a great morning.

(14) Making Family Faith Bags

(15) Yummy treat from a colleague. Thanks Julie.

(16) A great lunch

(17) A very late but much needed PLN

And as I type this I am reminded that it is the two year Anniversary of Sandy Hook, so in the midst of my blessings, I am taking time to pray for those Sandy Hook families especially those who lost children that day.

“Christ be our light..shine in the darkness.”

10 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 60

  1. Wonderful list, and a great reminder to pray for the Sandy Hook families. Have a great day Tara. Oh, and FMF is one thing I am also very grateful for, even if I hardly ever make it on Thursday nights anymore, it is such a wonderful group.

    • Laura, I didnt get it from Ann Voskamp. Actually from a pastor I worked with. He told a story about someone who started a blessings journal. It gave me the idea to blog it every week.

  2. Love that you listed out your blessings…I have been doing a Sunday Reflections since November; but I may have to start a Count Your Blessings post for the New Year! I started writing my blessings down in a little notebook back in 2010 – after I lost my job, I had sooooo many blessings, I wanted to be sure I counted them, and remembered those who blessed me! I stopped keeping up with it about 2 or 3 years after starting it. Thank you for sharing your list! May you continue to be blessed!

    • Barbara, thank you. I love listing them out because they remind me how blessed I am. I know you understand that as you started your own little notebook. May you continue to be blessed too!

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