Sunday Blessings; 5th Edition

Here is this week’s list:

(1) The Gift of the Holy Spirit

(2) Spending almost two hours talking with a colleague about family ministry

(3) Our 1st Sunday School Registration forms filled out and returned for the new SS year

(4) A much needed rain shower

(5) Spending time with family

(6) Randomly running into a long lost friend in Target in Bismarck

(7) Good health

(8) Beautiful weather for a dear family friend’s daughter’s wedding

(9) Being loved by so many dear family and friends!

(10) A breakfast prepared by Grandma and enjoying that breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa

(11) An Air compressor and a Good Samaritan

(12) A beautiful Thank You note

(13) Safe travels

(14) Joy….pure joy!!

And so much more!!

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