Sunday Blessings 58 & 59

(1) Getting a phone call from my daddy. We haven’t talked for awhile so it was so good to talk to him.

(2) Voxing with my new write 31 days friend. It was so great to hear her voice and also great to talk to her girls. So sweet!!

(3) Real mail from my momma

(4) Momma calling to make sure I was at home because she heard on the radio that my city was advising no travel.

(5) Homemade chicken noodle soup! Yum!!

(6) A Thanksgiving greeting from two of my fave people; Jim and Betty.

(7) A sweet lady at church sharing a piece of her pecan pie with me since it was all gone.

(8) A great group of gentleman helping take bags of groceries into the sanctuary. They were such a big help!!

(9) Thanksgiving greeting texts from so many dear friends and my auntie Carol.

(10) Thanksgiving meal with my colleague and his family. So much fun!! Board game, lots of laughs, and a bag full of home for me to bring home.

(11) My Huskers beating the Hawkeyes. Sorry Iowa friends!!!

(12) Fun Holiday open House and lighting of the downtown Christmas tree.

(13) Running into some of my past campers from Bible camp. So good to see you AE and JK!

(14) Putting up my Christmas decorations.

(15) A fun day with my momma; getting her shopping done and eating yummy Mexican food

(16) My first Christmas card. Thanks SM.

(17) Dickens Festival with mom and Ann. So much fun!

(18) Great conference meeting and getting to spend time with my friend KG.

(19) Getting to hold TWO infants today at church. Love!!!

(20) Reading through the Greatest Gift and my friend Anna’s Advent devotional

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