Sunday Blessings 57

Another week of blessings

(1) Chatting online with one of my write31 days friends. Love you TM!

(2) Getting a vox from my write31 days friend DB.

(3) Old episodes of Boy Meets World.

(4) Texting with my friend MW.

(5) Thanksgiving Dinner with an organization that works with mentally, physically, etc handicapped individuals. It was so yummy!

(6) Butter braids being delivered and all of the youth picking up their Butter Braids by the end of the day.

(7) One of the individuals from the above group telling me he likes me.

(8) Another one showing me his very cool dyed hair (my fave color) and having a conversation with me.

(9) Another one shaking my hand and asking me about my job. Later he told me to have a great day.

(10) Awesome Faith conversation at FLY (First Lutheran Youth) tonight.

(11) Apple cake with awesome caramel frosting at the WELCA meeting this afternoon.

(12) My friend SM texting me to let me know she was at a meeting with my other friend KW. I miss KW so much.

(13) Chatting with my new write 31 days friend TM.

(14) Texting with my friend MW who I miss lots.

(15) Three of my fave little girls running up the aisle to give me a hug during the greeting time.

(16) Getting a hug from a lady at church because I sent her a thank you card for the tree skirt she have me.

(17) Holding a sweet 9 week old baby girl. So sweet!!!

(18) Talking to my momma on the phone

(19) A nice PLN (Post-Liturgical nap)

(20) Two colleagues giving me rides to their church and back home tonight so I could hear one of my previous Confirmation students speak about her Young Adults in Global Mission Experience.

(21) Getting to hug this wonderful young adult. Proud of who she is!!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 57

    • Melissa, actually it is a week's worth of blessings and it really was a good week. Butter Braids are these awesome Danish pastries with fillings inside them. You buy them and freeze them and then can bake them as you need to.

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