Sunday Blessings 56

(1) Our YouthWorkers gathering

(2) Surprising Mom for a few minutes since we were so early to YouthWorkers.

(3) Getting a card from my mom with some Halloween pictures of her

(4) My Confirmation class as well as Wed worship making Get Well cards for a young man.

(5) Voxing with one of my new #write31 days friends. So cool!!

(6) Getting a text from my previous colleague

(7) Reconnecting with and Voxing with a dear college friend AH!

(8) Receiving a one lovely blog award. So humbled and amazed! Thanks Barbara!!

(9) Competing with my friends on FitBit. I’m losing badly but I’m determined to redeem myself next week!!

(10) Getting quite a bit of Christmas shopping done at the Pride of Dakota show with my sister.

(11) EG stopping to pick up the cards we made for her parishioner.

(12) Getting to snuggle with a one month old baby girl at Family SS

(13) Making a thankful tree at Family Sunday School

(14) Getting my usual Sunday call from my momma

(15) My sister getting home safely

(16) Tying for first place at the Lutheran campus ministry chili feed

(17) And each of YOU!!!!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 56

  1. This is great! I have been thinking of writing down things that I'm thankful for, but for some reason, I keep forgetting… Thank you for reminding me!

    Anastasia Rose

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