Sunday Blessings 55

(1) Beer and hymns with some of my fave people.

(2) Dinner out with those same people before Beer and Hymns.

(3) Getting to spend time with my momma.

(4) A sweet picture left on my desk by my mama.

(5) The right to vote.

(6) My first ever guest post and the wonderful caregiver love/comments I received from so many of you. (I am so blessed to have found my tribe!)

(7) A hug from one of my fave little boys.

(8) Talking to one of my fave people on the phone. Love you SP!

(9) Getting a text from my good friend MW; just to say hello.

(10) An awesome fundraising night at Taco Johns for our youth. Thanks FLC friends!!!

(11) Receiving my copy of Rich Melheim’s book in the mail. Thanks Rich! I’m excited to read it!!

(12) A fun package from my friend Heather who is currently living in Japan.

(13) Helping work the WELCA bazaar with some of our youth and getting to know them better.

(14) A lady giving me a sweet gift that she won.

It’s a Christmas tree skirt. Isn’t it pretty?!

(15) IMing with some of my new #write31 days friends.

(16) A little girl so excited to see me at worship. Makes me feel very loved!

(17) Catching up on my tv shows

(18) A wonderful PLN (post liturgical nap)

(19) News that dear friends are expecting Baby #2 in May. So excited for them! 🙂 Baby A is going to be a great big sister!!!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 55

  1. Love your Sunday Blessings! I think I especially like #6 about the "Tribe"; wonder where you found THAT?? I think I have found mine too!!! I also like #2 only we don't do the Beer and Hymns – not opposed to the beer; but we do go out with a group from 4 – 12 people after church each Sunday (except I was away today and didn't go!)…it's a great day for a PLN too!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing the blessings that you are thankful for this week. I just posted about blessings also. The Christmas tree skirt is very pretty. I hope you have a lovely week!

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