Sunday Blessings 52

Another week of Sunday Blessings. Sorry to post twice in one day but I still want to keep up this series even in the midst of the #write31days challenge!

1) The opportunity to write a poem for a friend. So cool!

(2) Having someone on the 31 Days FB page create a button for me. So thankful for that!

(3) Starting the 31 Days challenge

(4) Realizing how blessed readers have been to read my #write31days challenge. Thanks for all the blog love!!! ( Simply one comment makes my heart sing)

(5) Having lunch with my Aunt and Grandparents

(6) My Confirmation class. They may like to talk but I do enjoy teaching them. I hope and pray they are learning something from me.

(7) Tomatoes and homemade pickles from Grandma

(8) Gaither Vocal Band concert with my family. It was so much fun!!

(9) Another blogger directing blog traffic to my sight.

(10) Sweet words from my friend LS on that blogger’s blog post . LS, your words almost had me in tears.

(11) Finding the new Curves rather easily. Love that it’s closer to my house but a little sad by how small and tight it is.

(12) FaceTiming with my good friend MW

(13) Showing my house to my Gma and Gpa.

(14) Supper and shopping with my aunt, Gma and Gpa. Such a fun afternoon and evening.

(15) A phone call from my friend CT asking if I would watch her girls. One of these days it’s going to work out.

(16) Fun real mail

(17) My Momma (As I share our story of mental illness, I feel I need to say what a blessing she is. Love ya momma!)

(18) A great Sunday morning at FLC

(19) Being able to be at Kim’s installation/blessing service this afternoon

(20) A wonderful PLN (post-Liturgical nap)

3 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 52

  1. This is a fantastic idea 🙂 I might take it up eventually. Is it something where you just do it or is there a community too? I know just what you mean about a blog comment making your heart sing! I feel that way too. I am so grateful for all the folks who have visited me and left such kind thoughts and comments — including you, of course! Love ya!

  2. It is something I just started on my own. I have the blogger app on my phone so I can write them down as they happen. It's been a great way for me to reflect on the many blessings in my life.

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